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Green Spot is a showcase for holiday homes/B&Bs/glamping sites/boutique hotels/etc. that generate, upon first sighting, a deep yearning to immediately flee to.

They’re also places where the owners are making environmentally ethical choices.

My name’s Chris Allsop and I’m a travel journalist and hotel reviewer for the likes of The Guardian, Wallpaper*, Conde Nast Traveller, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Italia! and The Daily Telegraph.

Like most travel journalists I know, I’ve been feeling freighted with my fair share of carbon guilt. Especially about that trip to the Maldives via Dubai and back in under four days for a hotel review that was about as long as this paragraph.

Not great.

Carbon guilt led to a desire for positive action and this newsletter. Instead of promoting the latest, hottest thing from companies backed by the most expensive PR firms, I want to help like-minded people find those accommodation providers that share their outlook on how society needs to evolve to meet our climate challenges.

But my hopes are that, beyond simply sharing killer eco-digs, Green Spot will become a community bulletin board with suggestions for positive action shared by like-minded people. There’ll also be a digest of some of the week’s most compelling environmental news and some personal flimflam from me.

I’m not receiving any payment to feature any of the information or properties found in this newsletter. If that changes, I’ll let you know the reasons why.

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Chris Allsop
Travel journalist & hotel reviewer based in Bath, UK